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Will Your Money Last as Long as You Do?

Check out this 8-page guide to see why a retirement income analysis is important for your retirement.

  • Learn how an experienced financial professional can address your “what-ifs” about retirement — and then help you figure out how to address them.
  • Read how the average person spent $146 a year on health care in 1960 compared to the average cost today. (You might be surprised at the number!)
  • Make sure you’re asking the right questions about retirement: How do I make my money last? How could a long-term care strategy help my family’s long-term medical needs?


Are you paying too much in taxes in retirement?

This 8-page guide was created for you to better understand how taxes could affect your retirement income, including:

  • The different types of retirement accounts
  • Why tax laws are ever-changing
  • Options for tax deductions in retirement



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Independent Financial Services Firm in Montgomery County, PA

Earning a living is only part of the path to financial freedom. You also need significant money management strategies and solutions to make the most of your money. Many people are great at their jobs and at earning money, but most lack the experience and skills to achieve real financial independence. That's where a good wealth management professional and an independent financial services firm can help.

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What Is an Independent Financial Services Firm?

Unlike a big name brokerage or insurance company, an independent financial services firm is not tied to specific financial products or solutions. Our wealth management professionals work with only your and your family's best interests in mind. We can help you make your money work harder for you and make sure that you have enough assets to achieve your dreams and live well in retirement.

Benefits of Using an Independent Financial Services Firm

1. Finding ways your money can work for you.

To create wealth, it's not enough for you to simply earn money, you need to put your money where it can earn interest and/or dividends to keep pace with inflation. Our financial management team can show you solutions that will work for you and your family. Ask us about our wealth accumulation services.

2. Making sure that you'll have enough money for retirement.

Americans are living longer than ever. That means you need more money to do the things you want in your retirement. A Registered Income Certified Professional® at our firm will sit down with you and listen to your retirement goals and dreams and work diligently to find retirement income strategies that will make those dreams a reality for you.

3. Protecting your assets for your heirs.

Responsible asset protection planning is another benefit of using an independent financial services firm. This means finding legal ways to minimize the amount of money that your heirs will lose to taxes when you pass away. Setting your assets up properly can make a big financial difference to your family when you're no longer around to protect them.

4. Minimizing your tax liability.

Taxes aren't just a concern for your heirs. You know that large check you write to the IRS each spring. Proper tax protection planning can make sure that you're getting all of the deductions you deserve and aren't paying any more than your fair share in taxes.

5. Making sure that your family is protected from hardship after your death.

Having adequate life insurance is another essential part of wealth management, just as important as income planning. Life insurance lets your family continue to live as they have even after you're no longer around to provide for them. Talking with a life insurance advisor can make sure that they will not only be able to pay your final expenses, but will have money for living expenses going forward as well as dreams like college and travel.

Preservation Wealth Management provides a full suite of wealth management services and strategies to help you achieve financial freedom. . In addition to Montgomery County, we serve clients and families in King of Prussia as well as those in Lehigh County, Chester County, Delaware County and Bucks County, PA. Call us today to schedule an appointment to meet with a financial professional and find the right financial solution for you!