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Asset Protection Strategies in Montgomery County, PA

You've worked hard to accumulate your wealth and assets, and ensuring that these are protected from extra taxes or from seizure is essential to reaching your financial goals. Using a team of experts for asset protection strategies can help you preserve your investments and be an integral part of your wealth protection plan.

At Preservation Wealth Management, we provide asset protection strategies that combine both legal protection and financial plans to prevent your assets from seizure in a lawsuit. We take a look at each client's personal assets and determine the best plan to protect each. Because every situation is different, the plans for each client are specifically designed by our experts.

Asset Protection Planning

While pre-planning is best, there are ways that you can protect yourself even after a lawsuit is filed. There are five common ways that financial planners can help with asset protection strategies.

  • Creating LLCs. These Limited Liability Companies prevent creditors from taking assets owned by the LLC. LLCs are an integral part of tax planning services, as they can also help reduce the taxes you'd pay.
  • Creating an asset protection trust. These can be either foreign or domestic and are the only kind of asset protection that can still protect you after a lawsuit is filed.
  • Not personally owning anything. While you should have your own possessions, if you're the legal owner of certain non-exempt assets, then these can be included as part of a lawsuit settlement. Instead, many savvy financial protection experts recommend that your sizable assets be held in trust.
  • Using distinct legal tools, separate from financial planning. This can include holding investment real estate in an LLC instead of having it in your name. If you're sued, you could lose potentially all of it, versus the protection that an LLC affords.
  • Avoiding making yourself a target. Don't flaunt your wealth or put on displays that may make you a target for frivolous lawsuits.
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Asset Protection Trust

An asset protection trust is probably the most comprehensive of our asset protection strategies, and one that needs to be set up professionally in order to ensure that it's protected in a court of law. In fact, asset protection trusts are the most powerful when they're established offshore, which prevents courts in King of Prussia, Montgomery County, Chester County, Delaware County, Bucks County, and Lehigh County, PA, from having jurisdiction over your assets.

Offshore trusts are one of the few asset protection strategies that can still work after a lawsuit is filed. When these are constructed properly, the funds or physical assets are protected from creditors, while still allowing the owner to have access to the asset. Asset protection trusts can also protect from income taxes and even protect the bulk of the asset from an heir that might not manage the funds responsibly. Or, you can use an asset trust as part of your retirement planning, avoiding excess tax.

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